BlueStreak Studio, Memphis based freelance graphic design.
Photoshop retouching of Empire Express Truck image

Client: Empire Express

Empire Express needed reformatting and retouching of their photo of their new Peterbilt rigs. I used a stock image of a new horizon and sky, with samples of the existing shot to clean up the background.

Scenic art for the National Civic Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee

Client: Memphis Scenic, Inc.

I was on the team of artists responsible for creating the exhibits and scenic effects of the National Civil Rights Museum in downtown Memphis. One of the more memorable task I had was to grunge up a freshly painted, vintage garbage truck.

Graphic Design project based on illustrating the word mine

Client: Self

While it was active, the design blog Speak Up had a monthly project to illustrate a chosen word. This cute little doggie is somewhat of a self portrait of me tagging my property. This design submission from Feb. 2005 is one of many "WordIts" I created over the course of several months.