Client: Heartbeat Productions

An alternative dynamic logo for a client specialising in live entertainment.

Client: Brant Frey

The new ownership of this well established printing firm partnered with me to portray the company as reinvigorated with a new identity system. We used classic icons and styles, with an homage to the Italian town of Perugia, which has personal signficance. The Latin symbol of the Griffin in the shield is a great icon for this company, which possesses the full realm of printing capabilities from letterpress to large-format digital.

Client: 7 Second Solutions

A logo developed for an internal, baseball themed, sales incentive program.

Client: Monica Evans

The Mod Elephant is an upcoming online fashion boutique.

Client: Harry Bryce & Tony Horne

A cubist abstraction of an african mask is the conceptual basis of this logo. It is complimented with a matching distressed typographic treatment and was created for the first African American theatre group founded in Memphis.

Client: Harry Sinis

Olympic is family owned by Greek imigrants. They needed a new logo to represent their shift from Greek cuisine to focus more on steak and pizza, which they do very well. I used heavy, bold type to slightly mimic an iron brand, and created a simple logo that is well suited for many applications, from menus and apparel, to signs and advertisements.

Client: Angie Mock

A corporate identity system developed for a hospitality-based REIT. In the hospitality industry the flag is a symbol of the property's chain affiliation, and Flagstone Hospitality managed several properties under different flags.